2016 is coming to a close. Another exciting year has gone by for Iowa Paranormal.
We started off with a private residence in our hometown. It was our first chance at using
our Flir thermal camera!

       Next came our highly anticipated public event in April at the Edinburgh Manor! It's
always great doing these events as we see familiar faces and meet new ones as well!
Everyone had a great time and had some crazy experiences as well!
       The following month had us at a new location that we had not previously
investigated...the Malvern Manor! Located in western Iowa, this place has been a hotbed
of activity recently. We were ecstatic to check the place out! On a sad note however, this
was Sheldon and Jenny's last investigation with Iowa Paranormal...more on that in a

       The investigation went well that night. We did have some outside interference that
dampered a lot of it. We do plan on returning in 2017 to hopefully have better results.
       June rolled around and one of my favorite events of the year took place....The annual
Haunted America Conference in Alton, Illinois! This event is ran by the man who inspired
me to get into this field...Troy Taylor!
Always a great time...the chance to hear
from many great speakers and meet
new friends. I highly recommend anyone
that has an interest in the paranormal
to check out this event held every June.

       In the middle of July, another new location for Iowa Paranormal...The old
elementary school in Bloomfield, Iowa. This location had been on my radar for quite
some time. We finally had the chance to investigate it and it did not disappoint! It was
great to have back Sarah and Samantha as well! Two great investigators that had been
with us back in the day. This place was a hotbed of activity and we plan on returning!
       A week later, my wife and I celebrated our birthday by visiting the Missouri State
Penitentiary! It was an event that featured Grant, Steven, and Dustin from Ghost Hunters.

       August came and brought an exciting opportunity! We were contacted by a
production company out of Germany. They were bringing two German students over to the
states. They were traveling the US from state to state to learn about our culture and
different activity's we do. So of course we are going to take them ghost hunting!...and at
Farrar of all places!
It was a great time. Everyone
was a pleasure to work with!

       A few weeks later, we were called up to Independence, Iowa to investigate a bar...
The Sanity Room! The owners were simply awesome...showed us some other really cool
locations around town and they had some really neat objects in their bar that were from
the Independence Mental Hospital. Some old doors from the place that they had displayed
in the bar gave off some really high EMF...when no where else in the bar did! Cannot wait
to return!
       October came and on the first of the month we did a public event at the old
Bloomfield elementary school! A hugh crowd! Lots of new faces! Everyone had a great
       Finally at the end of the month, we were asked to host another public event...this time
in Fort Madison, Iowa. We have been to Fort Madison before to investigate the Kingsley
Inn. This time, we checked out 4 different locations! On both Friday night and Saturday
night, we checked out the Kingsley Inn, Eclectic, the abstract building, and the old county
jail! Our largest crowds ever! We hope we get the chance to do this event again!

       Back in 2012, I was doing a public event at the Squirrel Cage Jail in Council Bluffs,
Iowa. Two of the guest, Sheldon and Jenny King, seemed extremely interested in the
paranormal. After the event we stayed in touch and before the year was over, they were
part of Iowa Paranormal. The crazy thing is they live in Wisconsin...A long ways from
where we are based out of. For almost 4 years, they continued to travel to Iowa for
investigations....most times 5-8 hour drives...one way! They were amazing to continue to
do that for so long. They were also great investigators. Always looking for a rational
explanation before anything. This year however, they had to call it quits. The travel was
taking its toll...understandably so! I can't thank them enough for all they did to help us over
the last 4 years. Sheldon and Jenny will always be a part of the team...In the future, when
a large public event happens or a major location presents itself, I'm sure they will be
happy to help. We'll miss you both!